Hey hi helloooo! Welcome to my first blog post…I am SO glad you’re here. My name is Brianna, but some peeps call me Brie.

I am super passionate about helping others live happy healthy lives. My blog posts will document my adventures and a college student and world traveler, make you feel good, and inspire you to make the lifestyle changes that will empower you to live your best life. 

By way of introduction, I’d like to start off my blog by sharing 8 facts about myself, in hopes of getting to know you in the coming months. 

1. I am from Long Island, NY, which is super close to my two favorite places in the world: the beach and New York City.

2. I go to Penn State University, where I am double majoring in Marketing and Spanish and minoring in International Business. 

3. This semester, I’ll be studying abroad in Madrid, Spain. 

The bulk of my blog the next several months will be about my travels throughout Europe, so brace yourself and GET EXCITED !! 

4. I am a group fitness instructor. 

During the school year, I teach at Penn State’s on-campus gyms. My favorite classes to teach and take are cycling and yoga! 

5. My family means the world to me.

My younger sister, Kaitlyn, is a senior in high school, but a lot of people ask if we are twins when they first meet us.

family phot0

6. I am a huuuuge foodie.

Except for bananas. I hate bananas. I am looking forward to eating my way through Europe in T-26 days!

7. If I could have dinner with any influential person, dead or alive, I would choose Walt Disney.

I love all things Disney, and I’ve been to Walt Disney World 11 times. My favorite princess is Belle.

8. Essential oils + personal development are my jam!

I use oils for pretty much anything and everything, so you best believe I’ll be sharing how I incorporate them into my travel routine with you as I pack for Spain and spend weekends in different cities. Think and Grow Rich is the first book I recommend to people starting their personal development journey, and you can check out some of my others favs on the Mindset Mentorship page of my site.  

I’m looking forward to using building this platform, so if there are any topics you’d like me to write about, please comment or message me.

Let’s be friends on IG! @essentiallybrie